• Teaching English for International Communication

    Knowledge of the English language has become a major asset throughout the world and countries which are short on this asset are looking to rectify the situation speedily. Hence the requirement of qualified English teaching professionals is high across the world. As English continues to remain an important language for communication in the world of business, higher education and even entertainment, the use of English effectively as a means of communication assumes critical proportions in countries where English is not the native language as well as for non-natives in native English speaking countries. These countries look at the ability to speak and understand English as a major asset for their personal as well as business development. Therefore employment opportunities for English teaching professionals are on the rise worldwide.

    Naturally, prospective employers would require highly skilled, certified English teaching professionals who possess a standard, international qualification for teaching English to non English speakers. And this is exactly what the TESOL certification offers.

    TESOLS' certification is internationally recognised for teachers wishing to teach English to speakers of other languages. With a TESOL certificate you would be able to put your skills to good use for teaching English in countries around the world. A TESOL certificate is virtually a passport that offers you the exciting opportunity of working as an English teaching professional in various countries.

    The certificate courses offered by TESOLS will equip you with all the necessary skills, knowledge and in-depth training and build your confidence so that you can become an effective English teaching professional. You will be able to tackle the demands of the job professionally and effectively anywhere in the world. This is what our certification program aims to achieve.